Cuore999 Raw Silver


The raw cuore999, in pure frosted silver, is the only one in 999 precious metal: the purest of hearts. It is available as a pendant for necklaces, a trinket and a charm for bracelets.

The manufacturing process of raw drops was inspired by the image of a raw nugget: an exaltation of the substance of the precious metal in its natural form. Frosting lends extraordinary modernity to one of the most traditional forms of the goldsmith’s art.


Pure silver title 999.9/1000
Adjustable clasp in silver title 925/1000
All the hearts in Collection999 are entirely handmade.


Small Height 3 cm – Width 2.5 cm
Large Height 4 cm – Width 3 cm


– Slight discrepancies in the size of the charms are justified by the craftsmanship in the manufacturing process.
– All the charms in Collection999 can be personalised with engravings of names, dates, initials, phrases and any symbol desired.
– All the charms in Collection999 can be embellished with precious stones: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, blue, pink and light blue sapphires.