Unique Style

A nugget of pure gold

California 1850. A gold prospector is bent over and concentrating in a spot in the Rios de los Americanos in search of perfection, pure gold.

This highly symbolic image is the common thread that has always accompanied the Cantoni family and which enchanted and fascinated Giovanna as a child. “When I create new jewellery for Collection999, I can almost hear the old tales about the casting of pure gold nuggets, when the precious metal comes to life, taking on an almost magical light”. It is precisely this fascination for the most noble metal, in its primordial essence, that drives Giovanna Cantoni in search of her own personal nugget, her unique jewellery made of 999.9 pure precious metals.

The patent

Collection999 is the first to be made of completely pure precious metals: gold, platinum and silver 999.9/1000.

Cantoni jewellery is handmade by expert craftsmen using a specific manufacturing process protected by an Italian and Chinese patent (patent pending in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and India) which allows you to wear an ingot by transforming it into your desired shape – a drop, heart, star or lotus flower – without the need for other alloys, as is usually the case in traditional jewellery methods.

The intrinsic physical limit, the ductility of metal, is overcome and enhanced in a totally new manner. For the first time, the ingot transcends its traditional image to become a pendant or a charm in the most sophisticated and elegant shapes.

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