Goccia999┬áis the first, founding and iconic creation of all Giovanna Cantoni’s jewellery.

Its particular form is a registered design and its aim is to symbolically crystallise the moment the precious metal is cast, when the primordial material comes to life. It represents the unique patented manufacturing process of Collection999: for the first time, an ingot is transformed into wearable jewellery in sophisticated and elegant shapes. The Goccia999, an expression of this unique manufacturing process, is iconically reproduced in all the charms of Collection999.

It is available in pure gold, platinum and silver 999.9/1000 in three sizes as a pendant for chokers and a charm for bracelets. It is jewellery of intrinsic symbolic value and sophisticated workmanship, an icon that can be worn on any occasion, perfectly complements beauty and bestows an enveloping, profoundly intense and inimitable light: that of pure precious metal.

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