Italian and Chinese

(patent pending in the European Union, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, India)

The manufacturing process used to create all the jewellery in Collection999 is protected by a utility model patent. For the first time, an ingot becomes an indomitable piece of jewellery in the most varied and elegant shapes. Using the manufacturing process patented by Giovanna Cantoni, you can wear the precious metal in its complete purity without the need for other alloys, as is the case for traditional jewellery. From a nugget to jewellery.


The GC CANTONI brand of Giovanna Cantoni’s Collection999 is registered in the following countries: Italy, the European Union, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Japan and China. Establishing a presence in these territories and promoting the widespread protection of the ownership of the first completely pure precious metal jewellery. Branding as a certification and guarantee of wearing the first 999.9/1000 jewellery collection.

Registered Design

in Italy and the European Union

The drop, the first piece of jewellery in Collection999, iconically revived in all shapes, is a registered design shape in Italy and the European Union.
The drop is symbolically reminiscent of when the pure precious metal is cast and comes to life as wearable jewellery.

The lotus flower, representing the profound and symbolic meaning of purity in Collection999, is also a registered design.