Cuore999 Platinum


The classic version of the cuore999, in pure polished platinum, is the only one in 999 precious metal: the purest of hearts. It comes in two sizes and is available as a pendant for necklaces and a trinket. A diamond embellishes its purity.

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Pure platinum title 999.9/1000
Adjustable clasp in white gold title 750/1000
Brilliant cut diamond


All the hearts in Collection999 are entirely handmade.


Small Height 3 cm – Width 2.5 cm
Large Height 4 cm – Width 3 cm
Diamond 0.03 kt


– Slight discrepancies in the size of the charms are justified by the craftsmanship in the manufacturing process.
– All the charms in Collection999 can be personalised with engravings of names, dates, initials, phrases and any symbol desired.
– All the charms in Collection999 can be embellished with precious stones: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, blue, pink and light blue sapphires.