Words999 gold

The Words999 line was born from the desire to tell one’s emotions by writing them in precious metal.

The manufacturing method combines the traditional goldsmith’s art in 750/1000 gold and pure 999.9/1000 gold Cuore999.


It is possible to make chokers, bracelets and rings.

The mesh used for the necklaces and bracelets is the classic rolò mesh, while the shank of the rings is made of rigid wire.


Words yellow gold title 750/1000

Heart pure gold  title 999.9/1000

Rolo necklace or bracelet in yellow gold title 750/1000

Ring shank made of rigid wire in yellow gold  title 750/1000


Necklaces and bracelets: inscription height from 1 cm to 1,5 cm – necklace chain 40 or 45 cm; bracelet 18 cm

Rings: inscription height from 0,5 cm to 1,3 cm

All the inscriptions of the Words999 line are entirely handmade.

Slight discrepancies in the size of the charms are justified by the craftsmanship in the manufacturing process.